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About The Water Fed Pole System
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The Water Fed Pole System

Also known as a reach and wash system, this is a modern more effective way of cleaning windows.  Normal water leaves streaks when it drys and struggles to cut through grime and dirt.  By using purified water and a brush and wash down technique it leaves a perfect finish as purified water evaporates and drys without leaving water marks.



  • It leads to a great finish due to the resverse osmosis state of the water.
  • The water fed pole system also allows your window frames to be wash at the same time, unlike traditional methods. This keeps your pvc frames white like when they were first fitted.
  • Enviromentaly friendly due to no use of chemicals or other substances
  • Health & Safety risk greatly reduced due not using ladders
  • Maintains privacy and minimal disturbance to the customer
  • The water we used is sourced from our vans so no attachment needs to disturb your water supply.
  • The water is deionised and has a negative charge to it. This negative charge may help in repelling dirt keeping your windows and frames cleaner for longer.
  • Reaches windows that were inaccessible before

The Science Bit

Handily, H20 (water) is one of the smallest molecules in nature. That means that if you can make a screen with holes just big enough for a H2o molecule to fit through, nothing else will be able to. Filtering water like this obviously takes special equipment, but that is the basic principle. When Combined with deionization through the use of ion exchange resins you really do get 99.9% pure h20.

Deionization is a process where you put water through a special set of filters that contain ion exchange resins. This resin swaps simple ions from itself into the water in exchange for taking unwanted things out. Its is only when you combine Ion exchange resins with a reverse osmosis unit do you get water clean enough for window cleaning.


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